What does "cash based" mean?

A cash based clinic is one that chooses to bill patients directly without going through insurance companies. Patients can submit a self claim form to their insurance company and receive reimbursement themselves. The forms for many common insurance companies are included in the patients section of our website. 

Do you take my Insurance?

​When someone calls my office for the first time the very first words out of their mouth are almost always exactly the same. “Do you take my insurance?” In most instances the answer is yes but most are surprised to hear that I am out of network with their insurance or that I would prefer that they just pay at the time of their visit and not worry about involving their insurance.

You may be wondering why I would do this as well. Is it because I only want to see those who are wealthy and can afford to just pay out of pocket? Is it because I cannot relate to those who are less fortunate?

Well the answer is quite the opposite. I have tailored by billing process to save my patients the most amount of money. In fact I have spent hours of my own time talking with insurance companies trying to work out a deal for my patients only to find most would be better off not using their insurance at all.

You see for decades Physical Therapy clinics have been getting paid less and less by insurance companies. In an attempt to keep the doors open most clinics have transitioned to seeing at least 2 patients every hour per Therapist. Some even see as many and 3 or 4 an hour. This means that the actually time spent with your Physical Therapist is only 30 min if you are lucky and often much less time. All the while the amount that patients are paying is going up. Now we see that most patients are recommended to go to Physical Therapy 3 times a week for 8 weeks. That is 24 visits. If you have a copay of 30 dollars (which is the average) you are spending 720 dollars not including deductibles as well as co-insurance. Many people end up owing thousands of dollars and spending way more time than necessary to finally find relief.

I spent years working in this environment taking on more patients every month and every year. Spending less and less time with each patient seeing the length of time it took people to recover from simple problems dragging on longer and longer because they weren’t getting the care they needed. Finally I looked around one day and thought “
this is insane.” I knew the opposite should have been happening. The people that I was seeing needed more personal attention than I was able to give simple because of the model of business that I was in was catering to the insurance companies. It was this frustration that led to the start of Adept Physical Therapy.

I have been on both sides of the table when it comes to medical care. I hate feeling like I have wasted my money of something that has no value to me or is way overpriced. That is why I offer a very upfront and transparent payment method. When you come to see me you get 60 minutes one-on-one with me. If you pay at the time of your visit it only cost $100 dollars. If you feel you have good insurance coverage and want to use your insurance I will find out before your first visit exactly what the cost to you will be. No more waiting till later to be slapped with a huge bill you were not prepared for. 

On average I see patients for a total of 6 visits. Because I am able to spend so much time focused on my patients they recover quicker and spend less over all. This is the direction we need to move with all health care. I am proud to be part of the
solution to the healthcare problems we are facing today. 

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